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The Science of Mind is the core teaching of our Center; it is a philosophy that integrates spiritual truths with science and physics. In the Science of Mind, we believe that spiritual thought and science are complementary, and that science will prove what the mystics have said for thousands of years about the nature of God, human beings, and the universe.


We believe that the universe is spiritual and has intelligence, purpose, beauty and order. We believe that God is a loving intelligence, operating in and through all life, never separate from anyone or anything. Our beliefs are in harmony with all the world’s great spiritual teachings, and we honor all paths to God.


We teach and practice a way of life where we can all learn how to live in accordance with spiritual principles. These principles, which we call the Science of Mind, are as reliable as the laws of physical science. In essence, our thinking and our expectations create our reality.

By studying and applying spiritual laws, we can change our unconscious beliefs and create improved conditions in our life.

Center for Spiritual Living Santa Cruz

Change Your Thinking Change Your Life!

Our PURPOSE is to awaken humanity to its spiritual magnificence.

Our VISION is a world that works for everyone.

Our MISSION is to provide spiritual tools for personal and

global transformation.



The Center for Spiritual Living Santa Cruz is located just a few blocks from the beautiful Pacific Ocean in the Live Oak area of Santa Cruz, California.


If you are looking for a loving, non-judgmental, creative, intelligent, open and friendly spiritual community where you are encouraged to develop your own spiritual understanding, we invite you to come join us.



Dr. Ernest Holmes is the founder of the teachings of Science of Mind. His work is recognized today as one of the leading viewpoints in modern metaphysics and new thought. He developed a universal philosophy and tools for spiritual living that to this day profoundly resonate. His work provides us with a personal spiritual path, an understanding of our relationship with the universe, and a connected and joyful approach to daily living.

Religious Science Practitioners (RScP) 

are individuals who have studied the Science of Mind teachings, taken classes and deepened their ability to effectively use the principles and practices of Science of Mind, and passed an extensive examination.          They are licensed by the Centers for Spiritual Living. Practitioners assist us in developing the consciousness   that brings forth that which we consciously choose rather than simply defaulting to our hidden beliefs.

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The universal Mind contains all knowledge. It is the potential ultimate of all things. To it, all things are possible.

Ernest Holmes


                  Upcoming Events

Speaker: Susan Springfield, RScP

"Visions and Revisions"

Sunday, November 10th at 10:30am

SoulCollage Workshop

Saturday, November 16th at 1pm

Fee: $25

Homecoming Sunday

A special celebration Commemorating

our Past and Celebrating our Future

Sunday, November 17th 10:30am - 1pm

Thanksgiving Potluck

Thursday, November 28th at 2pm

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Elisha Christopher, RScP

Spiritual Mind Treatment:

Your generous car donation will enable us to continue the great work of awakening humanity to its spiritual magnificence and creating a world that works for everyone.  Your car donation will directly impact the Santa Cruz local community by helping us with infrastructure and staffing so we may serve others. Here's the website:


     Upcoming Speakers:

   November 10 - Susan Springfield, RScP

  November 17 - Rev. Alice Reid

 November 24 - Rev. Alice Reid

      December 1 - Rev. Alice Reid

      December 8- Rev. Alice Reid

2019 Theme and Vision: 

Spirituality in Action

November Video Theme:   

Spiritually Motivated

Moral Leadership

November 3 - Spirituality

November 10 - Self-Mastery

November 17 - Leading from the Heart

November 24 - Science of Mind and Morality

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Rev. Alice Reid is Spiritual Director of Center for Spiritual Living Santa Cruz. 

Watching My Mind Move From Fear to Love

I recently read an article about Global Warming that claimed the planet would experience total devastation by the year 2100.

I watched my mind move from Fear to Love.

Fear did a quick calculation and said, "Oh, I'll be ok; I won't be around by then."

Then Love spoke and said "But what about those you leave behind?"

Fear keeps us small under the guise of protecting us, but it has no real power.  It is only Love that has true power to create change in our lives.

From A Course in Love:

Love is the name you give to much you fear,  You think that it is possible to choose it as a means to buy your safety and security.  You thus have defined love was a reaction to fear.  This is why you can understand love as fear's opposite. This is true enough. But because you have not properly recognized fear as nothing, you have not properly recognized love as everything.

Dr. Ernest Holmes' The Science of Mind 

begins with a dedication and  a poem:

"These lessons

are dedicated to that Truth

which frees man from himself

and sets him on a pathway of a new experience,

which enables him to see through the mist

to the Eternal and Changeless Reality."

It is an awe-inspiring idea that the Truth we discover is that we are one with that Changeless and Eternal Reality.

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