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Meditations of the Heart


Howard Thurman’s Meditations of the Heart is a beautiful collection of meditations and prayers. Howard Thurman, the great Spiritualist and mystic, was renowned for the quiet beauty of his reflections of humanity and our relationship with God. The meditations in this volume feature his thoughts on prayer, community, and the joys and rituals of life. Thurman also addresses those moments of trial and uncertainty offering messages of hope and endurance for people of all faiths. A wonderful content that helps the individual find personal devotions and family worship.

This Thing Called You


Written by Ernest Holmes, This Thing Called You is an intimate guide through which readers learn the important lesson of how they are an immutable part of the flow of life, and how they may fulfill the longing, within all of us to live more fully. Its content includes numerous inspirations, meditations, and prayers that individuals can apply to their lives, which reveal the unlimited Potential of the spiritual psychology that Holmes founded.


Choices: Choosing me is OK.


Jane Beach has created this daily reader of 365 reflections and devotions focusing on our everyday life choices. Each illuminates, nurtures, and encourages meaningful, personal reflections while uplifting the spirit. Themes range from Abundance to Willingness, including Forgiveness, Gratitude, Relationships and Self-acceptance. Jane incorporates an awareness of Divine Love in each presenting circumstance, joy, and challenge of daily life.

Journey of Awakening


Ram Dass is an American psychologist and spiritual teacher who has studied and practiced meditation since 1968. In Journey of Awakening he shares his understanding and explores the many paths of meditation – from mantra, prayer, singing, visualization, and “just sitting” to movement meditations such as t’ai chi – and suggest how you can find a method suitable for you. This edition also contains a directory of retreat centers and groups that teach meditation in the United States and Canada.