Rev. Alice


A life long spiritual seeker, Alice Reid’s roots are in the 12 step recovery movement.  Using the 12 steps as a foundation, Alice has studied a wide variety of teachings, including Buddhism, Quakerism, Unity, Christianity and the Course in Miracles.  In 2001, she found her home at the Centers for Spiritual Living where the principles of the Science of Mind brought it all together for her.  In 2007 Alice received her ministerial license from Centers for Spiritual Living and currently teaches classes, counsels and coaches others while practicing these principles in her own life. 


Prior to ministry, Alice worked over 30 years as an accountant and leading a small Tax and Accounting practice, Compassionate Tax Service.  Alice ministered to her clients to move beyond their insecurities and fears about their money and taxes by building supportive relationships and empowering individuals to embrace their personal and business finances.   


Alice considers herself a Communitarian, working in the nonprofit sector for over 15 years before starting her own business.  She believes in the strength of the community fiber and has been an active leader in her own community.  Among her other community affiliations Alice has been an executive board member of the local Chamber of Commerce, as well as an active member of the Maryland Nonprofits, Healthy Options Network, Chesapeake Business Alliance for Sustainable Communities, Maryland Professional Group, Business Networking International and the Maryland Society of Accountants.  Alice is outspoken about her beliefs that everything in life is inherently spiritual and often interweaves this philosophy into her professional activities.     

The Ministry of Prayer at CSL Santa Cruz is a professional service provided by our licensed practitioners. Through affirmative prayer, we facilitate healing by knowing and revealing a spiritual truth which is greater than any physical condition or situation. We align in the oneness of God and the oneness of life. We pray with power, live in love, demonstrate through faith and court the Presence of God through all life situations. We are here to pray for you, to know your TRUTH, accepting all experiences as an opportunity for growth and participation in the creative process of life. On Sundays our licensed prayer practitioners offer their service for free. Please contact them to discuss scheduling and fees if you require support other than on Sunday.

of Prayer
"The Practitioner's business is to uncover God in every person." 
Ernest Holmes, Science of Mind


"Prayer is essential, not to the salvation of the soul, for the soul is never lost; but to the conscious well-being of the soul that does not understand itself. There is a vitality in our communion with the infinite, which is productive of the highest good. As a fire warms the body, as food strengthens us, as sunshine raises our spirits, so there is a subtle transfusion of some invisible force in such communion, weaving itself into the very warp and woof of our own mentalities. This conscious co-mingling of our thought with Spirit is essential to the well-being of every part of us."



Susan Springfield, RScP


Susan has been a licensed Spiritual Practitioner for 10 years and sometimes speaks on Sunday. She has a masters degree in Clinical Counseling and teaches classes that combine Science of Mind and Nonviolent Communication. 

Skye Leona, RScP​

I have been an active member of our community for 16 years and a licensed Science of Mind practitioner for 8 years. Through the Science of Mind teachings something new and pure has been kindled deep inside me, a sense of personal power, fully supporting me in all aspects of my life and it is my passion to support others to flourish and thrive in their personal and professional lives.

Currently my Science of Mind services include:

  • Administering our Adult Education program for 2017

  • Instructor Science of Mind accredited classes.

  • Secretary - Board of Trustees

  • Office administrator liaison to the Practitioner Leadership and Board of Trustees.

I am available for phone sessions or for in person sessions at the Center or my home. In addition I love to attend and/or facilitate spiritual meetings and retreats. (831) 818-1722   https://www.facebook.com/skye.leona

Lucy Fassbinder, RScP


Lucy has been a licensed Spiritual Practitioner for 9 years.  She oversees CSL's membership enrollment

and offers an Animal Ministry for all concerns or needs that you may have for your beloved animals. 

She's available for prayer, home visits, veterinarian visits, transitions, creating ceremonies, rituals, blessings and welcomings for new pets. This ministry includes all animals, not just dogs and cats. Call 831-688-6623.



Click on Youtube video to

experience an Evocation, an Affirmative Prayer, given

by Lucy.

Janet Ring, RScP




Janet has been a Practitioner for 9 years and, in 2014, became licensed with Centers for Spiritual Living. She is thrilled to be part of the Practitioner Core at the Santa Cruz Center for Spiritual Living.

She was trained in grief counseling by Hospice of Santa Cruz County, and also specializes in doing spiritual guidance sessions for those dealing with chronic illness. She has 25 years of experience in recovery and twelve-step programs.

Janet was ordained as an interfaith minister by One Spirit Interfaith Seminary in NYC in 2009 and is available to do weddings, baby-blessing ceremonies, and memorials.

Rev. Tamara Merrill


Tamara has been involved with Science of Mind for many years and has recently, February, 2019, become a new minister. She is available for ceremonies, memorials, weddings and is a talented officiant for your event.

Don has been a licensed Practitioner for CSL Santa Cruz since 2005. Praying with individuals and watching the Christ consciousness blossom within them is his favorite and most rewarding part of the work.

Highlights of Don’s work in the community that shape his practice include:

  • Non-profit hospice volunteer visitor, focusing primarily on providing spiritual support to institutionalized dementia patients and their family members.

  • Certified community mediation volunteer, focusing on fostering healthy communication between parties entering with adversarial positions . . . working toward win-win solutions.

  • Former church board member/officer, facilitating a focus on integrating spiritual principals into the strategic and operational aspects of running a spiritual center.

  • A long-time “12 stepper” well versed in the disease of alcoholism and its effects on the family system.

  • Active member of the CSL World Ministry of Prayer prayer team, providing long distance prayer support via e-mail.

Although I relocated to Minnesota with my lovely wife Shannon in 2006, but my practice still holds a very high priority in my life and I am available of in-person (if you ever find yourself in the St. Paul area), phone or e-mail Spiritual Mind treatment. (651) 529-4078

Don Seemann, RScP
Rev. Elisha Christopher


Elisha Christopher Berrios-Hayden is a practitioner, speaker, trainer, facilitator and teacher. A natural born Social Artist, he helped develop curriculum for the Emerging Leaders Initiative, and was a trainer at the first Social Artistry Odyssey. He was the founder and Spiritual Director of Launching Pad Zion, a Science of Mind community for young adults in St. George, Utah. He studies at the Holmes Institute, where he is working on becoming a minister. Elisha's greatest desire is to aide in the conscious evolution of humanity, and to help build a world that works for everyone.

Please email Elisha.Christopher@gmail.com to schedule a consultation or book Elisha for a speaking engagement.

The Board of 


 Kaylie Dugan, RScP- President

​ Debbie Bratby - Vice President

 Maggie Dreyer - Secretary

 Mohini Peters - Trustee 

 Katherine Randall - Trustee

 Jeannie Sparks - Trustee

 Nancy Loshkajian - Assistant Officer & Treasurer

 Rev. Alice Reid - Spiritual Director

 The Board serves the important role of keeping the vision and determining policy that supports our growing spiritual   community.  Board members are elected by the congregation.  Call the office for specific meeting dates and times.  Visitors are always welcome at board meetings.

"Borrowing knowledge of reality from all sources, taking the best from every study,

Science of Mind brings together the highest enlightenment of the ages."

Ernest Holmes

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